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Fashion Fever Memberships

Evening Access

€ 845


Join us every quarter to stay in touch with the fashion community & connect with inspiring peers.

Valid for one year

12 month membership

4 x Community Evenings (incl. 8 personalized matches)

Access to the WhatsApp group

Access to the member directory


"This was my first event and first time connecting with the fashion community here in Antwerp. I really enjoyed the opportunity to meet people and chat."

- Rachael Destzich


"Enorm inspirerend om het verhaal van andere ondernemers & professionals te horen! Na elk event van Fashion Fever, is the "fever" voor fashion nog groter."

- An Rottiers (Anzy Shoes)

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"Dankzij de matches was het netwerken erg fijn en productief! Er was een diverse groep aanwezig, dus we konden veel bijleren op één avond."

- Maarten Tak (Undo Collective) 

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Community Evenings

Welcome to Fashion Fever Community, where we bring you engaging networking evenings featuring three key elements:

- Central Theme Keynote: Each event kicks off with a captivating keynote presentation. We invite a seasoned fashion entrepreneur to share valuable insights, tips, and tricks related to the evening's theme.

- Personalized Matchmaking: We connect every attendee with like-minded entrepreneurs facing similar challenges or possessing complementary experiences. This personalized approach fosters a welcoming and collaborative atmosphere, making it easier for everyone to network.

- Expert Roundtables: Engage in in-depth discussions at our expert roundtables, where entrepreneurs and industry experts, each with their unique backgrounds, exchange experiences, innovative ideas, and valuable tips.

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Community lunches

Join us for our Community Lunches, where our members have the privilege of networking with experts across diverse domains. At these gatherings, questions on a variety of topics take center stage, and each table explores them in depth. Engage in enriching conversations, share experiences, and gain valuable insights from your peers. Our Community Lunches foster meaningful connections and expand your professional network, all while savoring a delightful meal together ;-)

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