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We collaborate with several core partners to enhance the Fashion Fever community. If your company has relevant expertise to share with fashion entrepreneurs, we'd be delighted to explore the possibilities of supporting our members together.

Expert Table During Community Events

At our community evenings (networking events), we feature expert tables, each with a central theme. As a partner, you will be assigned a table at one event, offering you the opportunity to showcase your expertise. Engage in conversations with entrepreneurs about market obstacles and opportunities and learn from one another. 

During our community lunches, we take a deeper dive into various themes. As a partner, you'll be seated at a table with entrepreneurs to exchange expertise, knowledge, and experiences. We provide a delightful lunch and ensure table rotation to facilitate connections with different individuals.


Attend Every Community Event

Building quality connections is a cornerstone of Fashion Fever. As a partner, you can attend all community events as a participant. Attend with a colleague to maximize your networking potential or invite a stakeholder who may find Fashion Fever of interest. We also facilitate networking by arranging personal matches during these evenings.


Invite Business Partners & Stakeholders

As a partner, you can invite relevant stakeholders and business partners to our community events, provided they play a significant role in the fashion industry, either as a label or supplier. This is your chance to bring together key players who can contribute to our dynamic community. 


Joint Communication

We believe in strength through collaboration, which is why we prominently feature you as a partner in all our Fashion Fever communications. This includes mentions on our website, event pages, social media posts, and additional spotlight recognition during each networking event.
We can also create a piece of content about your expertise together to share with our audiences.


Access To The Community WhatsApp Group

We aim to foster connections within the Fashion Fever community beyond our events. That's why we bring together all our core members and partners in an accessible medium. The goal is to ensure knowledge sharing and networking continues even after our events.

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